How the Shopify NFT Integration is charting a new path towards Web 3

How the Shopify NFT Integration is charting a new path towards Web 3

Shopify's NFT integration is simplifying the process of buying and selling digital products for every day consumers-- here’s how:

With the new Shopify NFT beta program, brands can sell digital products or NFTs the same way they would sell a pair of pants. Beyond simply being collectibles, these tokens can be used to create unique experiences for their most loyal and active customers. App partners like Nifty Bridge can help brands leverage these tokens to increase revenue, customer retention, and brand loyalty by using token gating technology both online and in person. These experiences may include discounted merchandise, early-access to drops, in-person events, and collaborations with other brands. Token gated experiences will help brands build a stronger community and provide an easy path into the world of Web 3.

Why NFTs?

In today's incredibly competitive ecommerce landscape, brands are constantly searching for new ways to stand out and retain customers. During COVID, brands started to realize the importance of having an online presence as they adapted to no longer being able to rely on in store experiences. Now, its not just enough to have a great product and online experience, you need to give customers a reason to keep coming back. NFTs allow your customers to engage with your brand in a new and exciting way that promotes ownership and connections between each other. Imagine just by owning a Patagonia vest you could automatically get digital and real world incentives when you shop. NFTs allow for that exact experience by providing keys to customers that can unlock a variety of experiences both in stores and online.

Success with NFTs isn’t reserved for the largest of companies either. The meta-economy will power new opportunities for small brands and will impact how customers communicate, shop, and socialize. According to Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. NFTs enable customers to display their brand affinity to others and claim a piece of your company's identity. In the future, these tokens will act as a digital ID allowing for personalization without sacrificing privacy or security.

To leverage NFTs and any of these features on your Shopify store, contact Nifty Bridge.