The Landscape of an NFT App

The Landscape of an NFT App

Creating value with an NFT app

An NFT app allows creators, influencers, celebrities, and businesses to trade and store NFTs. The easiest way to sell your products is in digital crypto art form. NFT marketplace apps allow users to explore the platform's many NFTs before purchasing them through their respective websites. You can look, manage, and share any NFTs you come across, and keep track of your own collection as well. But in most cases, NFT marketplaces make money by taking a percentage of each NFT sold. This forces new creators to operate on crowded platforms with high costs and in an extremely volatile market. Some crypto products have come from enabling “pump and dump” schemes with no value. Many of these NFT creators flooded marketplace exchanges like OpenSea and FTX every week to make a quick buck. Nifty Bridge combats and eliminates the possibility of any fraudulent creators seeking to quickly cash out. We are a newly constructed NFT application, that adapts to your brand's Shopify storefront. We have the tools to let you create projects exclusively for you and your customers on your own terms. Momentum will begin to build for your brand with the integration of digital assets.

When I buy an NFT, what exactly am I buying? And what can be an NFT?

When you buy an NFT, you buy the fact that you have just purchased the NFT. The fact of you doing so is recorded in the history of that NFT for all time, and as part of the blockchain, this fact can be verified by anyone, anywhere. You own the digital file. You own the data, and its customers, and have exclusive control over its success. With our NFT solutions, you can effortlessly extend your brand into Web 3. It's up to you, as the creator, how many NFTs like yours exist. Uniqueness is crucial in an NFT as it gives you the advantage to raise its desirability, market time, and functionality. Businesses are scrambling to figure out the best ways to exhibit their NFTs. Demonstrating the capability and ease of use of your NFT storefront is a straightforward way of attracting more value. Through Nifty Bridge, you have the ability to leverage your digital assets, build a stronger community, and get in front of the eyes of your customers

The Value, the Integrity, and the Uniqueness

When the general public thinks of NFTs, they think of static NFTs.  All of the included functionality of an NFT is as a collectible—what you experience with that NFT is what you will always experience with that NFT.

Dynamic NFTs, on the other hand, have the same initial characteristics as static NFTs, but they can also be updated and responded to. They can be synced to capture and maintain information about the user. Consider a jogger's fastest mile time, which is tracked on an NFT and updated whenever the athlete sets a new personal best. If an NFT was connected to a car's vitals, there would be no doubt about how many times it was serviced and all the data would be saved. Dynamic NFTs allow for continual communication with the issuer and can be designed to include future transaction functionalities. They can reflect every aspect of your brand's identity, activity, and performance. The constant in all of these elements is product differentiation. There's always something that makes your brand different from others. Brands are being fueled by NFTs that unlock further high-end experiences, services, access to new merch and benefits, collaborations, etc. Be prepared to connect directly with future customers somewhere along the blockchain with Nifty Bridge.