Use digital products throughout customer journey to drive growth

Capture the attention of visitors, and harness the power of your community

Turn visitors into subscribers

Boost sign-up form conversion

Offer brand collectibles to incentivize engagement

Bounce Rate
Sign Up Rate

Turn subscribers into revenue

Incentivize checkout with digital products

Enhance sms and email communication use digital products during promotions to increase engagement decrease cart abandonment

Cart Abandonment
Cart Value

Turn community into owners

Unlock trading via brand marketplace

Encourage community connection and allow for customers to trade their products


How it works?

We help e-commerce businesses convert on more visitors and increase their form conversions by offering digital products as an incentive instead of the boring old 10% off which only converts 4%

Cart abandonment
SMS conversion
Open Rate
Click through rate

Subscribers to Customers

We help e-commerce businesses convert subscribers into customers in a few ways.

Improve checkout rates by offering time-bound offers that include digital product add ons for free. Ex: checkout in the next 5 minutes to receive digital twin.

Inject boring email and SMS marketing with digital claimables that can come with specific perks or benefits attached to incentivize someone to claim and checkout. These digital products can also be used to capture old subscribers that have been left unengaged because of monotonous flash sales messaging

Cart abandonment

Customers to Big Spenders

We help e-commerce brands turn their customers into big spenders by leveraging digital products for cross-selling and upselling at high margins.

Ex Cross-sell: if the customer reaches a minimum of $100 cart value they can claim a free "Big Spender" badge which comes with 10% when spending more than $100 in the future.

Ex Up-sell: when the customer goes to checkout they will see a prompt to add a digital twin for an additional $5.

Trade Volume metrics
Gating metrics

Big Spenders to Promoters

We help e-commerce brands turn their best customers into promoters by unlocking additional connections to their digital products.

We can allow for connections into our marketplace which is a cash to cash trading platform that is integrated into Nifty Bridge's wallet system. This allows for customers to "cash out" their brand earnings to use their loyalty as a means for monetary gain.


Partner With Other Brands

Malbon golf partnered with Top Golf to allow for all Malbon membership holders to receive one free play session at no cost.

Creating connections and avenues for customers to extract additional value from their digital products will lead to customers promoting the brand even more

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